Lender Information

Does your community group own a vehicle that is underutilised? Would you like to earn some extra money? SmartLink Transport Register can help.

We act as a broker between you and community groups who want to borrow your vehicle. You decide whether to accept or deny every booking request using our easy web-based system. We take care of the accounts and disburse payments to you once a month.

Complete a Vehicle Registration Form [PDF 125KB] and register your organisation now. Or give us a call to discuss your needs on 1300 557 346.

Booking Policy

You decide the booking policy – how far your vehicle can travel, when it’s available, etc. Use our General Lending Policy [PDF 39KB] or provide your own. This is in addition to the general SmartLink Terms and Conditions [PDF 154KB].

Condition Report

Use our handy Vehicle Condition Report [PDF 1.2MB] to record the vehicle’s condition when the borrower collects it.


We have additional insurance to supplement your existing insurance to cover loss of excess. Send this Letter to Insurance Company [PDF 119KB] to explain this.


All drivers have an LR license or higher and a good driving record. They are expected to attend a familiarisation session with you prior to hiring your vehicle(s).

Lenders’ Manual

The Lenders’ manual [PDF 2.9MB] works in conjunction with the videos below.

How to register

How to update your details

How to accept or deny a booking request