General Driver Info

Drive for your community group

  1. Complete the Driver Registration Form [PDF 127KB]
  2. Provide a copy of your license (must be LR or higher)
  3. Provide a copy of your RTA driving record (costs about $20)
  4. Acquire a high-vis vest to wear at all times you are in or around the vehicle (e.g. on depot grounds)
  5. If you want to drive a BMCC Access Bus, obtain a Green Card (first Wednesday of every month)
  6. If you want to drive a vehicle owned by a non-council lender, arrange a familiarisation with that lender

Drive for any community group – join the volunteer driver pool

As above, except:

  1. We’ll pay for your RTA driving record
  2. We’ll provide you with a high-vis vest
  3. We’ll ask you to consent to a Criminal Record Check [PDF 214KB]
  4. We’ll provide free training in First Aid for Seniors, Work Health & Safety and Customer Service. We ask you to attend these training sessions once every two years.

Lender contacts – call in advance for vehicle familiarisation

Great Community Transport: Penrith 4722 3083 or Lawson 4759 2403

BMCC Access Bus: 4759 3260

Springwood Baptist Church Bus: 0409 034 355

Mountains Youth Services Team: 0421 389 790

North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre: 9673 3908