Community Transport

Great Community Transport has four vehicles on the register – two in each Local Government Area.
(Please note passenger numbers do not include the driver.)

99 Cox Ave Kingswood

Toyota Commuter
13 passengers (minimum 9)
Available weekends and evenings (after 5pm)

Mitsubishi Rosa
21 passengers (minimum 15)
Capacity for 3 wheelchairs
Available alternate Fridays, weekends and evenings (after 5pm)

31 Hay St Lawson

Toyota Commuter
13 passengers (minimum 9)
Available weekends and evenings (after 5pm)

Toyota Coaster
18 passengers (minimum 13)
Capacity for 1 wheelchair
Available alternate Mondays and Fridays, weekends and evenings (after 5pm)

See also Community Transport Driver Info.

There is to be no smoking, eating or drinking in vehicles. Borrowers are responsible for ensuring that vehicles are returned filled with fuel and in a clean condition. Failure in either regard may result in a penalty.

The nearest petrol station is Caltex, Northern Rd Kingswood or Shell, Great Western Highway Lawson.

In Kingswood there is a broom inside the vehicle and a hose is attached to the brick building. In Lawson, there is also a broom inside the vehicle, but if the vehicle is dirty on the outside you will need to wash it at a truck wash – nearest is 62 Govett St Katoomba.

The last organisation to borrow a vehicle will be held responsible for damage or lack of cleanliness unless reported to administration on pick-up of the vehicle – so please do a full check of the vehicle when you collect the keys.

Borrower groups are responsible for tolls, traffic and/or parking fines incurred while using vehicle.

If there are any emergency problems with the vehicle, i.e. a break down or accident, please call Phillipa on 0419 288 860.

See also General Borrower Info.